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Fingerless Biker Gloves – Something Missing?

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Fingerless Biker Gloves


To state the obvious, FINGERLESS MOTORCYCLE GLOVES do NOT protect your fingers.

OK. I said it.

And yet, fingerless gloves are very fashionable biker apparel, particularly for warm weather.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I wore them for years (when I was a bit younger).

In fact, even back then, at least I would never ride without some kind of gloves.

Fingerless gloves are just so darn comfortable in the summer:

  • They’re light
  • They allow air to freely circulate, keeping your hands cooler
  • Many fingerless gloves provide padding on the palms for protection and comfort for that part of a rider’s hands

And I certainly wasn’t wearing them as a fashion statement back then (in the 1970’s, motorcycle apparel had not yet become the behemoth industry that it has in the 21st century).  I wore them because they were comfortable.

But in terms of function versus modern motorcycle fashion, fingerless gloves are weaker on the function side of things, compared to full-fingered, motorcycle gloves.

It goes without saying that fingerless biker gloves are considerably better than not wearing any gloves at all, since they partially fulfill the fundamental purpose of motorbike gloves. (See Motorcycle Gloves: Two Primary Functions).

And if your loved one requests fingerless biker gloves as a gift – well, I wouldn’t try to talk them out of it. But the fact is, they may be popular, and they certainly are comfortable in hot weather, but from a safety standpoint, a rider is better off with full protection….

FULL-FINGERED MOTORCYCLE GLOVES are simply a better choice from the standpoint of protecting a rider’s fingers should he or she take a tumble.  And on that day, one’s viewpoint about choices between function and fashion (or comfort) becomes more certain.

Even if a rider wearing fingerless gloves NEVER FALLS, and learns the hard way how important every component of rider safety is, fingerless gloves won’t even protect your hands from sunburn, in the exposed areas, as full-fingered gloves would.  (Another thing I learned the hard way).

On the other hand, as stated above, if your friend, family member or loved one SPECIFICALLY requests fingerless gloves, you would be wise to give him or her what they want….



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