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Motorcycle Sunglasses – Lots of Bad Choices

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Shutter Sunglasses


Not all sunglasses are suited for the rigors of motorcycle riding.

What makes good biker sunglasses?

For riders duly affected by the concerns of fashion, “looks” and the right designer name may be the most important factors when it comes to selecting their sunglasses.

But what about protecting a biker’s eyes?

Well, if protecting a rider’s eyes is important, these “Shutter Sunglasses” in the photo would be the worst, since they don’t even have lenses to block the wind.


The main purpose of sunglasses for motorcycle riders is to:

  1. Protect the eyes from wind, insects, particles of dirt, etc.
  2. Increase rider comfort, particularly for long sunny days in the saddle
  3. Reduce ultraviolet radiation on the eyes
  4. Reduce sun glare from reflective surfaces

Having said all that, motorcycle sunglasses that cover a broader section around the eyes would better protect a rider from flying debris and bugs – which may conflict with the fads of fashion if the current fad is narrow glasses.

Also, motorcycle sunglasses that are shaped and constructed to offer as wide a peripheral vision as possible aid the general safety of a rider, since being aware of, and seeing as much as possible around one, are key to a rider’s survival.


If that seems like too many things to be concerned about when shopping for motorbike eye protection, then realize that most sunglasses are bad choices for motorcycles.

What would be better, at least for a rider who is not wearing a helmet and face shield, would be MOTORCYCLE GOGGLES.

Motorcycle goggles are attached with an elastic band and are also sealed around the sides of the eyes, which offers the best eye protection in terms of keeping wind and stuff out of the rider’s eyes while staying securely attached when turning one’s head.

Motorcycle goggles have been prevalent in the dirt bike world forever, and they used to be common in the street rider world several decades ago.

So, oddly enough, if you happen to be a street rider (probably an eccentric one at that) who rides an old motorcycle (or a new retro-bike), you would serve yourself quite aptly, from a safety perspective, by wearing goggles, and you would even look fashionably retro chic.  (Just bear in mind that street goggles and motocross goggles do have a different “look”).


Of course if a rider is wearing sunglasses behind a face shield, then the protection from debris and bugs in the air from the sunglasses is moot, since the shield will be the primary line of defense.

On the other hand, if such a rider is not wearing a face shield, then he/she will also need to ensure that their sunglasses will not fly off when turning their head to check traffic before turning or changing lanes.

Heck, even “Shutter Sunglasses” – which have NO lenses (top photo) – could be worn behind a faceshield.

The good news is that if you buy a biker the wrong kind of sunglasses as a motorcycle gift, they would still serve fine for more pedestrian circumstances, such as walking around looking at shiny motorcycles outside on a sunny day.



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