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Motorcycle Heated Grips


Heated Motorcycle Grips


You don’t have to be a motorcycle rider to be aware of the best and worst part of motorbike riding: The elements.

Heated hand grips for motorcycles are one of those ideal gifts for a motorcycle rider, since he/she will think of you every time they are riding and using them. And of course, for anyone riding in the northern hemisphere, the cooler season is in full swing.

MOTORCYCLE HEATED GRIPS can extend any rider’s enjoyment. Cool mornings are all the better on a bike with some toasty handgrips.

What may not be quite so obvious is that motorcycle heated grips not only allow a rider to be comfortable and safer in cooler temperatures, they also allow him/her to use lighter gloves.

Lighter gloves allow the rider better tactile control than thicker gloves.

As a rider gets cold, tired and/or fatigued, he/she is not as in control of the bike as better conditions would warrant. Cold hands can also slow down their reaction time. Hence, having comfortable hands is an important part of motorcycle safety.


HEATED MOTORCYCLE GRIPS are available in a variety of different configurations that can vary the price considerably.

  • The least expensive option would be an external heated pad that wraps around the motorcycle’s existing hand grips. Not only is this the most economical, it can be readily removed for much of the year when not needed. However, this is the least elegant solution.
  • One can also buy heated elements that wrap around the metal handlebars themselves, and are therefore UNDERNEATH your existing handgrips. These “look” better but can be a pain in the butt to install. They tend to be more expensive than just the naked heating element as above.
  • Another option, is a new set up of handgrips that have built-in heating elements. These are more expensive than the two earlier options, but are easier to install than the type that uses your own existing hand grips.
  • A variation of this latter, is an internal heating pad, that wraps around your handlebar, with a limited choice of grips than can be installed over the elements, but DO fit. (The idea is attempting to make the installation easier).

Another feature that is VERY useful, but not available on the least expensive models, is a heat controller. In this way you can vary the heat output in a similar fashion you might vary the amount of heat in your car. Whoda thunk? However, if it’s not that cool out and you have thin gloves on, it’s ideal to be able to turn the heat down.

Motorcycle Heated Grips are one of those unique biker gifts that may – or may not – be actually requested. But once a rider has experienced the pleasure of that extra heat at his/her fingertips, it’s hard to go back to NOT having it there when needed.




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    I LOVE heated grips!

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