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Motorbike GPS as 21st Century Maps

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Global Positioning Systems for Motorcycles


What type of Motorcycle GPS system is on your bike? None yet?

Well, you and I may think alike, but there’s a growing number who consider GPS as standard motorcycle gear for any 21st century rider.  (Well, maybe not “any” rider, but certainly “touring” riders, and especially “adventure touring” riders: both categories which include yours truly).

But do YOU need that nifty technology gracing the front of YOUR motorbike?

Don’t know for you. But for me, I respect GPS technology, but I don’t need it – yet.  And that’s in spite of the fact that I’m somewhat of a techno buff, at least when it comes to the non-motorcycle world.

GPS first appeared on my radar screen in 1998 in a rental car.  I certainly had no need for it, but it was kinda cool as a novelty.  You see, I’m a die-hard paper map guy. (Don’t ask how many maps I have on my shelves and attached to my walls).

Bear in mind that I’m also one of those guys who still does manual long division as well as manual adding and subtracting (although you may be diappointed to meet me and observe that I don’t wear cave-dwelling apparel, regardless of how neandathral manual math skills may be relative to calculators – which I ALSO use when needed).

Will any of MY bikes ever boast a GPS unit?

Well…there have been times I could have used one.  But I’m talking about times far away from pavement in locations well off my maps.  At times like that I would have located civilization sooner and in a more civilized fashion, utlizing some GPS hardware.

Regardless of all that, for routine, run of the mill, multi-state, sport touring, GPS just ain’t for this old-fashioned, long-distance rider.

Having said that, I do marvel at the technology and will keep an eye on the stuff as GPS receivers continually improve.

In spite of what I write today, you may very well see one of those gizmos on my bike in the future….



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