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What is the Disadvantage of Electrically Heated Motorcycle Gear?

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Electrically Heated Motorcycle Apparel


There are a lot of advantages to HEATED MOTORCYCLE APPAREL. But they ain’t for everyone.

Sure, they are the easiest way to extend your riding in cold weather.

Yeah, they can make riding long distances in marginal weather considerably more enjoyable.

And, if you have ever tried any kind of electric vests, liners, gloves, chaps, etc., for motorcycle riders, then you probably swear by them, too.

For whatever reason, I was very slow to adopt the concept, even though they’ve been around for decades.

I didn’t even figure I would get much use out of an electric vest, which I chose because of its compact traveling size when not being worn.

However, after several years of liberal use, I have grown to like the darn thing so much, that I have included it in my gear for summer tours, as well. There are cool nights at high altitudes, or other occasions when the weather is just plain bad, that I’ve been happy to pull out my electric-heated gear and pleasantly make my way forward, when in earlier times I would have needed to shorten my riding pleasure.


Be forewarned, heated apparel can be like a drug. Once you cross that line and get plugged in, you won’t go back. You’ll become addicted and no amount of rehab will save you.

And if you are the kind of rider that parks your bike when the mercury drops below 70 degrees, you’ll KNOW you are a complete wimp when you could just as well put on some heated garb.

But the worse part is this: If you are a grizzled rider who is the last to put your bike away for the winter, and the first to get it out in the spring; and if you find a certain amount of personal satisfaction in tolerating temperatures that scatter many riders into their cages for protection, then you, too, are at risk!

At first you’ll be happy that you can ride in colder weather quite comfortably. But later on, you’ll find that you plug yourself in at higher and higher temps.

And when you find yourself looking around to make sure you are not being watched because you are putting on heated gear at temperatures you used to consider easily tolerable … well, you’ve turned into an ELECTRIC WIMP …. (But I won’t tell on you).



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