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What the Heck is Motorcycle ABS?

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anti-lock braking system


Motorcycle Anti-Lock Braking Systems are similar to the same braking systems that have been use on those 4-wheel vehicles that get in your way on the road.  Like on a car, motorcycle ABS incorporates computerized sensors to determine when a motorbike wheel is on the verge of locking-up.  And right at that instant the computer shoots instructions to the brakes to release and re-apply braking pressure (pumping) a whole bunch of times per second, while you are steadily engaging the brakes.  (Think of a machine gun shooting out a massive stream of pulses instead of bullets).

The result of this high-powered spray of brake pumping is slowing and/or stopping you and your bike without skidding. (A skidding tire has less traction than one that is not skidding).

And the best news is that ABS is one of those newfangled contraptions that are very easy to use when you need them the most. In an emergency situation, on an ABS bike, all you need to do is apply your  brakes hard! No need to manually pump your brakes.  Aggressive braking will initiate the ABS system automatically, which means you can concentrate on the immediate threat — and not the brakes.

The bottom line is that ABS allows you more braking control and increased riding safety.

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