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How Long Will Your Motorcycle Battery Love You?

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Similar to other relationships in life, the more care and attention you give your battery, the more longevity and enjoyment you can expect from it.

Most motorcycle batteries will last about 3-5 years (max), even when you take very good care of it. But also like other relationships, your battery can definitely lose its zest and cease to perform, well before 3 years.


Now, it is true that the technology for battery relationships has surpassed the technology for romantic type relationships. For example, if you have a “maintenance free” battery, you’re pretty good to go without too much heartache while the battery is still hot.

At least you won’t have to periodically check the electrolyte level of your beloved throughout the year. On the other hand, if you do have a relationship with a more traditional style of battery, it will occasionally need a little more juice. And when the time is right, use only distilled or deionized water. More specifically do NOT fill her up with tap water – which includes other stuff that will not endear your battery to you. It would be like bringing flowers to your wife or girlfriend and failing to notice they were covered with bugs.

A longer-lasting relationship starts right at the beginning. In other words, the most critical time for a battery’s life is dependent upon whether it’s set up correctly when you buy it, either with a brand-new bike, or as a brand-new battery after your last love lost its charge. There is a very specific procedure for establishing that spark in a new battery, and if it’s rushed, as some dealers might be apt to do to get a new bike out the door, well, it’s not too unlike rushing a relationship – you just won’t get as far.


Regardless of whether you have a maintenance free model or more traditional battery, they both like to be held in warm and cozy environments. Motorcycle batteries don’t like temperatures below 32 degrees; in fact, even new batteries could get quite frigid and break things off, even though your relationship may still be in its early stages. Additionally, even on relatively smooth motorbikes, batteries are subject to considerable vibration, which, although in other relationships may prove beneficial at times, they are never good for your battery. The solution is to keep your battery securely fastened in its proper place to minimize such vibration.

And if you are not going to be riding your bike in the winter, remove the battery and bring it inside.

Note: Even if you think you are proactively working to ensure the longevity of your relationship, realize that, like some women, batteries can be finicky. Just bringing your battery out of the cold isn’t quite enough. For example, do not store your beloved on metal or concrete. Your battery should reside on a wooden or other non-conductive surface; otherwise, it will discharge in time.
Motorcycle Battery Chargers


Of course, you still need to show even more affection by placing a charger on your battery. A battery that is fully charged will have a longer life and is less likely to freeze, even when it might be outside in the cold.

So, whether your battery was love at first sight, or merely a relationship of convenience, with a little bit of care and attention, your battery will love you much longer.



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