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Motorcycle Ear Plugs Review: Good Idea or Bad?

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Motorcycle Ear Plugs


Some riders do not like to wear ear plugs while riding — and I can understand why. It takes a little extra time to hit the road while you insert the little doodads into your ears. And when you stop to get gas, unless you take the time to remove them (which means you have to re-insert them), you can’t hear others around you too well.  (Some riders think this is an advantage if their spouse is along for the ride).  As well, from a personal hygiene perspective, you should wash your hands after handling the re-fueling chore, before you plug those little things back into your ear canals. And, of course, that just slow things down some more.


I had not been quick to adopt riding with MOTORCYCLE EAR PLUGS.  But they have worked their way into my riding gear over the years. I find them useful for longer rides.  Knocking down that wind and road noise just makes the trip more comfortable for me: at least up to a point.  For me, I have found that after several hours ear plugs tend to create their own fatigue and start to become a nuisance.  However, once I pull them out after a few hundred miles, I generally feel a little refreshed, and in better shape than had I not been wearing them at all.

I’ve determined that when I weigh the advantages and disadvantages of ear plugs, they balance out on the side of additional rider safety.  When I’m more comfortable I can ride more alertly for longer amounts of time.

If you’re interested in trying out some ear plugs yourself, keep in mind that they do not reduce all the road noise.  They tend to quiet things down considerably, but I can still hear horns honking and trucks coming up behind me, as well as my own engine – in fact I have a tendency to ride faster because the reduced sound gives me an unconscious sense that I’m not going as fast as I really am.

Ear plugs soften the ambient sounds, but as a point of comparison, ear plugs don’t make the ride as quiet as being ensconced in a car.

The lessened noise reduces general fatigue by cutting down the strain on my ears.

If you’re interested in trying out some ear plugs for your riding, I would suggest trying different kinds to see if any particular type is more comfortable for you.  You can even get them custom made for your own ear canals.

Safe riding!



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