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Motorcycle Gloves: Two Primary Functions


Motorcycle Gloves


Can a motorcyclist own too many pairs of riding gloves? If you are an avid rider, you may already have a collection of them that you consult when you start your engine.

Perhaps you have riding gloves for hot weather, another pair for cool weather, and different gloves altogether for when it’s raining.  You might even have “rain covers” for your gloves, which can offer more wet-weather protection than “waterproof” motorcycle gloves.  (I’ve owned many pairs of waterproof motorcycle gloves over the years and I find they work well only in light, non-prolonged, rainy conditions).  And, then again, there may very well be your “favorite” gloves.  They are the most worn, and perhaps even on the verge of being worn-out.  Those gloves offer the best balance of comfort and familiarity and make churning miles over the asphalt or dirt all the more enjoyable.


MOTORCYCLE GLOVES serve two primary functions:

#1) Good gloves help to make a rider’s experience more comfortable, enjoyable and safer. A rider’s hands control the throttle, front brake, and clutch, as well as the primary steering inputs directing the motorbike where the rider wants it to go.  However, if the rider’s hands are fatigued, cramped, cold and/or sunburned, any of these conditions can adversely effect a rider’s ability to control his/her bike, particularly in an emergency situation, when split-second, life-threatening, precision command is most needed.

#2) Protecting a rider’s hands in the event of a fall is a vital service that motorcycle gloves offer. No rider, when he hops on his bike considers, “This is the ride I’m going to crash.”  But if/when YOU should meet that occasion, your hands will be extremely vulnerable to damage.  And if you find yourself in that circumstance, the last thing you want to realize is that you are going down without gloves.  I’ve been down a few times in some somewhat spectacular crashes, resulting in two totaled motorcycles.  However, in each scenario, good gloves kept my hands from sustaining injury.  I would never exchange the benefits of having good gloves on my hands at the times I most needed them, even for the benefits of the best insurance, and the best hospital services.

So, is there such a thing as owning too many motorcycle gloves?  I can’t answer that for every individual’s circumstance, but there is definitely such a thing as not wearing the right gloves at the right time.




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    […] Here’s a good article on the two primary functions of motorcycle gloves: Motorcycle Gloves: Two Primary Functions […]

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    Good post. Always wear gloves.

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