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Are Motorcycle Helmets What They’re All Cracked Up to Be?

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Motorcycle Helmets


Motorcycle helmets.”  Now there is a passionate subject.

You can love ’em, hate ’em, consider them a necessary evil, or view them as a tool of overbearing national and/or state governments – at least those that force motorcyclists to wear them.

For some folks, it seems intuitive that if you wrap your skull with something hard that absorbs shock, then your head will have a better chance of surviving in the event of a motorcycle crash.

Other folks consider that it reduces their personal freedom and personal enjoyment.  Some even say helmets reduce their hearing, or ability to quickly observe a threat out of the corner of their eyes.  And of course in certain motorcycle mishaps, a motorcyclist is not going to survive anyway, with, or without a helmet.

So, are motorcycle helmets the work of the devil?  A tool for oppressive government?  Or merely another product for manufacturers to sell?

Your guess is as good as mine!  But if you are into statistics, here is what a British and Australian review about motorcycle helmets determined:

“Motorcyclists are at high risk in traffic crashes, particularly for head injury. A review of studies concluded that helmets reduce the risk of head injury by around 69% and death by around 42%.”

“Motorcycle helmets reduce the risk of death and head injury in motorcycle riders who crash.”

Regardless of whether your head was born and raised on Australian, English, American, or any other soil, it probably is subject to the same kind of stress and fractures of any other motorcycle head in the world.

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