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Motorcycles: The Pleasure

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Motorcycles.  They do provide a certain amount of economy.  Better miles per gallon being the most understood one. Other advantages include being able to readily find parking spots.  And in over a dozen countries around the world (only California in the USA), you can ride between cars in all kinds of jammed traffic ( “lane splitting”) to get you to your destination sooner than our four-wheeled counterparts.  They are also less expensive to insure.

But, at least for riders in America, I don’t believe any of the above reasons encompass why the majority of bikers ride.

It’s much simpler:

It’s the pleasure.

And it’s the kind of enjoyment that I find is not readily understood or appreciated by non-riders.

How do YOU describe your experience of riding to any of your family or friends who are not bikers? And do you ever feel that anything you have said has really connected to the person?

Personally, I don’t believe it’s one of those things that can be accurately conveyed. In the company of another or others who ask questions on the topic, I can talk on and on about motorcycles and the risks and enjoyment they engender, but I’ve determined that you are four general perspectives to view motorcycles.

  1. There are those that hate them, or think they’re stupid, or are intimidated by them, and want to outlaw them.
  2. There are those that just plain don’t understand motorcycles and/or think they’re too dangerous.
  3. There are those that admire them, or what they believe motorcycles represent, but would only dream about owning one.
  4. And finally, there are those that ride.

Stated more succinctly, in the world of motorcycles, you are either a rider or you’re not. The pleasure is not for everyone.



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